My relationship with cameras has a troubled past. I was never very good at the mathematics surrounding the craft. One mention of f-stops and my brain went packing. I lived in Program Mode, praying my shots would look as good in print as they did through the view finder.

My hallelujah moment came when I took a course through ClickinMoms. It finally clicked, so to speak. What’s most shocking is it happened during the year of sleep deprivation after the birth of the boy. Somehow the same brain that was putting crackers in the fridge (truly) was finally able to grasp the concept of an exposure triangle.

I am still very much In Training, but now that I kind of know what I’m doing, I’m falling deeper in love. I consider my style to be that of a documentary photographer. Just like in writing, I want my photos to tell a story about life in the moment, preferably one with a bit of dry wit on the side.